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For Updates Regarding Cold & Afraid

Updated: May 16, 2023

I'll be periodically posting on this blog concerning any important updates. This information will also be posted in the discord, email subscribers and Patreon page. This will be general info, not behind-the-scenes, and will likely be occasional. The majority of my time is spent programming, modeling, texturing and animating, so I have very little time to make a post on every small change or addition. However, for Patreon supporters, I will at the very least make daily bite-sized updates accompanied by screenshots of what I'm currently working on in the game.

But I wanted to start this blog on the website for people to come back to, and not just consider the front page a look-once-and-done sort of affair.

More posts will come in the future, so make sure to subscribe at the bottom of the front page. Stay tuned.


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