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In a bustling metro, an idyllic peace is shattered by the brutal murder of a young  woman. Shocked and alarmed, the local authorities soon uncover a chilling truth: this ghastly act wasn't a random act of violence --- it was premeditated.

In rapid fashion, word begins to spread that a murderer is loose. Anxiety washes over the city like a tsunami, hastening the authorities attempt to solve the bizarre puzzles the killer leaves behind, the most prominent of which is a parcel sent to the local newspaper, The Gazette. Inside the parcel, a cryptic codex awaits. It's enigmatic contents could be the key to rescuing more innocent victims, but only if the killer's twisted code is deciphered in time.


Enter Ericka Westfield, a state police detective who is dispatched to the city's precinct, helping to unravel the mystery behind the recent murder.

Deciphering the parcel sent to the newspaper's office, Ericka realizes the murderer's codex is a list of some sort, targeting women whose names show up on it. Teaming up with the police department's most experienced yet weary detective, Jasper Graham, they begin a desperate pursuit, knowing with each passing hour, the killer's next target is less and less likely to be saved in time.

On the other side of the city, Father Noah Brown, a well-respected Priest, conducts his own investigation on behalf of the Church. Surveying the crime scenes from past murders, as well as closely following the official investigation, Father Brown becomes increasingly convinced there's more to this killer than flesh and bone. Bizarre imagery in his letters to the press, the ritualistic manner in which the killer's victims have been found -- all things the Father believes substantiates there's another element at play. A darker power lurking somewhere in the underbelly of the city.

A faithful crossing of paths unite Father Brown and Ericka, who's been suffering from outlandish nightmares ever since the murderer surfaced. Together, along with the headstrong and relentless detective Graham, Ericka works to unveil the identity of this seemingly omniscient killer, and finally put an end to his reign of terror before it's too late.

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