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30-day Update (June 2023)

So, it's been quite a bit of time since I last made a blog or really posted anything with regards to the development of Cold and Afraid. To be honest, I'm really waiting until I have a cohesive opening; I want at least 10 minutes of uninterrupted and fluid gameplay before I shoot an email out to all subscribers. I want something substantial to show everyone, and I want it to primarily be surrounding the narrative of the game. For that reason, I've been refraining from releasing small tidbits, piecemeal screenshots and the bit. I don't know if people want that, though? Maybe periodic screenshots are better than nothing at all.

In any case, development is coming along very nicely. I'm very hopeful for the Kickstarter, but certainly won't get my hopes too high up. If you haven't followed the page yet, I'd sure appreciate if you did:

At the current moment, I'm building the opening chapter of the game. I've got a lot of independent levels, characters, and systems done and it's just a matter of weaving them all together to finally start building that cohesiveness I've been talking about. The opening chapter comes on the heels of the brutal killing of a college student from the prestigious all women's college, St. Annasburg. Promptly, Ericka is called in to start an investigation. The small borough of Crystal Park is rocked at this unthinkable act of evil. The public is shaken, the mayor is anxious, and all anyone wants is a suspect in custody.

From there, things pick up quickly. Secrets, lies and deception seep from the corners of a purportedly quiet, peaceful town.

Crystal Park is a small borough located upstate. Ericka has to take the train there every morning from her small apartment in the city. When she links up with the investigation team at the CP Police Department, she'll eventually be able to travel by squad car, which will allow her to reach locations she otherwise couldn't via train.

You move around utilizing an overworld map. It's almost like a chessboard -- you've got to make the right moves, put yourself in the best position. A right place, right time type of gameplay where being somewhere at a certain time matters.


Well I think that will wrap up this update. Thank you for all the support, and I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey. The plan for next month's update is to finally show the full opening events of the game.

Until next time.


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