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Parasite Eve meets Mizzurna Falls

The harmonious urban rhythm of a bustling metro is disrupted by the gruesome murder of a young woman.

Bewildered and on edge, law enforcement swiftly unravels a bone-chilling revelation:

This horrifying act is just the beginning.

Soon, a sinister pattern materializes, signaling the presence of a cunning serial killer who stalks the city's shadows, sowing terror at every turn.

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Experiences in screenshots are work-in-progress and subject to change

as development continues.


Enjoy a captivating and meaningful story that makes Cold and Afraid much more than just your typical indie game. In a genre where visuals are given priority over substance, Cold and Afraid places consequential dialogue choices, and the relationships you develop with characters at the heart of the experience.

  • Stylized PS1-era graphics that harken back to the technical artistry of the late '90s

  • Explore a fully 3D environment rich with color, atmosphere, ambience, and lively NPCs.

  • Talk to characters through out your investigation, utilizing a branching dialogue system that allows you to prioritize the information that matters to you most

  • Classic tank controls that allow for the full use of dynamic perspectives, direction, and  cinematography.

  • Experience a Time Event system where you must meet certain people at specific times to forward different story threads. Plot your day carefully.

Features are work-in-progress and subject to change

as development continues.

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Gameplay footage is work-in-progress and subject to change

as development continues.


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