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Twilight Bastion | The Final Chance

Updated: Mar 7

Before I get into the recent developments of Twilight Bastion, I want to address what's going on with Cold and Afraid and where its future lies.

I know the majority, well—all of you whom have come here via the newsletter, are here because of Cold and Afraid. No one is here due to this other game that has seemingly come out of nowhere, and I respect and understand that. I want to shed light on what all this means.

Cold and Afraid has been in development for just under a year, and it quickly became clear that it would take at least another year of development to complete, possibly longer. While it was ambitious in scope, it wasn't anything groundbreaking; it's a detective game where you go around asking questions, investigating a murder. So this isn't a matter of its development being overwhelming, but it was a matter of time and money.

I always knew that a non-combat, narrative-driven story would be tough to sell. Games like these aren't exactly flying off the shelf. But still, it was (and is) a passion project of mine, and I would gladly continue making it if not for one thing—money.

When the prospect of spending another whole year to develop the game became evident, I had to come to the reality that I just couldn't afford to go 2+ years without any additional funds coming in. I needed to complete something in the meantime that could bring in some revenue in-between Cold and Afraid's development. Something that could take a year or less to get done.

A few months back I was in discussions with a publisher to provide funding for the continued development of the game, but unfortunately, it didn't come to fruition.

So I was stuck. It's not simply a matter of just spending additional years to make the game, but this reality also needed to be combined with the prospects of financial success for this type of game, the Story/narrative-driven genre.

As you all are aware, I was planning a Kickstarter for the game, and this would've certainly allowed me to continue developing Cold and Afraid—if in fact the funding goal would be met. And for everyone that did follow the prelaunch page, I sincerely thank you. I also have a Patreon, and I've got a few subscribers there as well, and I'm certainly grateful for them.

I decided against launching the Kickstarter because I didn't think the follower numbers were where they needed to be to ensure a successful launch. And rather than go through the debacle of running the campaign anyway —which as anyone who has run a campaign knows, is like a second job—I decided all that time and energy would be better spent focusing on this other game. And as for Patreon, the numbers there are far below what would be needed to sustain development. But none of that takes away from the fact that I'm extremely grateful for what I do have, grateful for those who have subscribed on Patreon, and those who signed up for the pre-launch page.

Will I ever return to Cold and Afraid? I believe I will. Someday. Ideally, Twilight Bastion would sell well enough that I could find myself in a position to be able to work on Cold and Afraid again without worrying amount funding. That's the plan anyway.

With all that being said, here's an important part:

For everyone subscribed to the Cold and Afraid newsletter, it will henceforth be focused on Twilight Bastion's development. I want to make that very clear so that if you are not interested in this, you are well within your right to unsubscribe from the email list. I completely understand, and will not be upset.

For those who decide to stay aboard and follow my progress on this new game, or any other game in the future, I thank you and be sure to mark the newsletter emails as important and always check your spam folder. The newsletter is evolving into a general newsletter for all my content, and not just a particular game. Not to worry, though — you all know that I only send 1 of these out maybe once every two months, if that. So there's never a concern about being spammed.

So now, onto Twilight Bastion.

Twilight Bastion is a PS1-Style 3D Metroidvania that takes inspiration from Vagrant Story and Demon's Souls. While it is a platformer, it has RPG elements and some souls-like mechanics.

I anticipate that this game will take a year to complete, but unlike the story/narrative genre, the action RPG genre is a much safer bet. So if, in an ironic twist of fate, Twilight Bastion would wind up taking just as long as Cold and Afraid, it would theoretically have been a better investment. But ideally, this will get done sooner and I would bring in revenue in the time I would have still been developing Cold and Afraid.

Sometimes, in your game development journey, you have to make tough decisions; you have to pivot, adjust, reassess, and try to do the best you can navigate through this treacherous career field. I'm learning a lot as I go along.

So, what's in store? Well, I'm working hard to get a demo done. HauntedPS1 is creating another demo disc for April, so I'm going to work towards having Twilight Bastion ready for that. For Patreons, you guys will get access to the demo as soon as it's ready.

I will have the steam page up and ready by March.

If you haven't already, follow me on twitter:

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Til next time, guys...


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